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A lot of people know Youtube. Sometimes they watch some videos, but many have no idea, what are the best hits of the internet with hundreads of millions views. The main purpose of this page is to show everyone the list of the most viewed legendary top Youtube videos ever. But popularity is not stable, one videa can not be allways the most popolar. That is reason, why you can find here also list of most viewed videos in this month, week, or in last 24 hours. Videos are sorted in categories, so you can easilly find what are you interesting in. Use our search form to find any video - like on Youtube. Thanks!

What is Youtube?

YouTube is the largest video-sharing website in the world. Every minute is uploaded on YouTube 100 hours of video files. Every month visit this portal more than 1 000 000 000 pople. You can watch here movies, video clips, TV clips, music videos mp3, funny videos, commercials, how to,... You can watch more then you can imagine... On this page you can watch all videos similar like on Youtube and what is more important you can very easilly watch the best ones - the top videos on Youtube ever.